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Andy Wooten started in the plumbing business in 1976 with Satterfield Plumbing.  He worked for Satterfield Plumbing on and off for many years.

In 1988 Andy went to work for Abesco Mechanical to further his plumbing career.  After making Abesco a good amount of money each day,  Andy decided to start his own business.

Since Andy didn’t have enough money to start his business, he went to his father, and his father decided to go with Andy to World Finance.  World Finance gave Andy’s father a loan and they bought a 1989 Chevy S-10, tools, and a cell phone, and in Jan. 1990 Andy started A&A Plumbing.  Andy placed his first ad and the rest is history.

At the age of 8, Andy’s son Tommy started hanging around his dad’s plumbing business, and at the age of 13 became a great help to A&A Plumbing.  After Tommy graduated from high school he joined is father Andy as a full time plumber, making A&A Plumbing an official Father and Son Business.